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There is much hysteria and paranoia that surrounds any entity with the word Army or Militia attached. Society has been programmed to believe that militia's are rogue groups of individuals preparing for Armageddon or to over-throw their government by training with firearms and learning survival skills in the backwoods of America every other weekend. We hope the below will answer some of your questions and address any concerns you may have.

 Q) Is the USPCA a militia?

A) The best answer to this is: We don't know. We have no intent to engage our government in a military fashion or even force. We trust that our duty to protect the Constitution will have no adversaries. To attempt any force upon the USPCA is an act of war against the United States Republic. To make this clear, the USPCA is here acting in its expectant duty to protect the Constitution, we are protecting our Republic and its form of law and governance against those that have violated those laws, broke their oath and advocate for a form of government other than and contrary to the U.S. Constitution. We are here only and in due that our government has failed to honor its oath to do the same. We pray that cooperation will outweigh any thought of taking arms. There is more on this subject under the "legal actions" section of this website in the member/soldiers area. 

Q) This is crazy, who do you think you are?

 A) This is our favorite question because it involves the person that asked the question, because "who we are" is you or them. Who we are is "The lawful citizens "The People" of The United States Republic unifying under the entity of the United States People's Constitutional Army. We The People, are the united states we're the United States Government including all those governments representing the individual states that are also custodial entities in which We The People appointed to govern for We The People. The United States Government answers to "We The People". This is "who we are", you and them included". There is more on this subject under "the people" in the member/soldier area of this website"

Q) Is what the USPCA doing legal?

A) Absolutly 100% !! When our government who is entrusted to protect our Republic, it's Constitution and the rights of the people by sworn oath fail to do so, they are in breach, violation and contempt of its and their contractual obligations and no longer have the authority to enforce any laws upon the people. So the question of "is it legal", really doesn't apply as the action to protect the Constitution is an expectant duty of all Americans. The Constitution and laws within the people's government is packed full of language demanding the people oversee their government and to act if necessary when their government is in violate. Again, there is much more on this topic within this website under the legal section in the member/soldier area.

Your legal opinion.

With the above, we challenge the legal expertice of anyone from SCOTUS justice's to smalltown family lawyers to any American citizen of any capacity and/or employ, background or otherwise, to challenge the legality regarding the intentions of the USPCA to take action against those in government or elsewhere that have failed to honor thier oath, oppose the Constitution, violated Federal and/or Civil law (s) that poses a clear and present danger/threat to the United States Constitution. You can email us your legal opinion supporting a contrary view to

Q) What if "We the People" are happy with the way the U.S. is headed and oppose any action of the USPCA?

A) Not all citizens qualify as "we the people", their opinion is invalid as any rights they have under a Constitution they oppose.  American citizens that support alternative and opposing governance, and support those that legislate the same are effectivley domestic enemies themselves seeking to replace the Constitution or re-write it.These citizens, are not we the people. All members and soldiers of the USPCA are vetted for their loyalty to the United States. We understand that there is large numbers of citizens wishing to change our form of government, this of course is a direct threat to the Constition and we must look at these citizens for what they are, domestic enemies. These Citizens share no voice in how the USPCA will protect its Republic and Constitution. This may sound judgmental and harsh, but the truth is, there are those in our society that simply don't like the United States and it's Constitution. Whether these individuals have been conditioned to dislike our Republic or are simply ignorant of the facts, allowing these individuals entrance is a threat to the operations of the USPCA and it's duty to protect the Constitution. Again, more on this under the "people"

Q) What is the USPCA planning on doing?

A) Stop the attack on the Constitution from those who ignore it and create unlawful legislation. Obviously a lot more to this answer, but this is the end goal.