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 Righteousness belongs to all Americans whom come forward to protect the soil and Constitution of their United States. To defend and preserve its gift of freedoms from the hand of tyrants and to pass those freedoms to our children and future generations so they too, can enjoy the inalienable right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The mission or objective of the USPCA is to first recognize the problems and the path that has lead us to those problems. Below is a list of issues that have crippled our Republic far from the objectives pursued and intended by the founding people of our nation.

A government supported by a rogue and/or ignorant citizenry has resulted in:

The above, contain a list of secondary issues. i.e., Government reach that has entered the homes of American citizens also covers Government abuse of a citizens rights that may include: the police unlawfully searching a citizen, entering their home without warrant or reasonable cause. Scope that produces unlawful legislation to disarm lawful American citizens in the guise of public safety and "Terry" stops to search and frisk individuals. The secondary list of Government failure, abuse and dereliction is abundant and clear in its presence.

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Political correctness has been defined as: The softening of, or removal of core attributes for the purpose of acceptance that is otherwise deemed untrue and/or misidentified.

The United States is occupied by an entire generation where political correctness has been injected in a calculated process by those seeking advantage towards a cause and/or personal agenda. It is most often used to direct shame on those that use language in a direct fashion describing truth and reality as it is. Political correct or disguised language has harmed the educational values of all those that have been directed to its use as authentic. Language other than that of political correctness has resulted in the spread and misdirection of hate, racism, greed and even violence.

Social issues in the form of wants and demands protected in the distortions of political correctness has become an ill to America, and the fallout has caused damage that may never be recoverable from the thinking of those conditioned to hate and disbelieve otherwise.

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Protecting our Republic from all enemies, is not a right, it is and expectant duty of all Lawful United States citizens