Before you send in your information, please read below.

The USPCA is based on actions requiring responsible and educated citizens willing to go to all lengths necessary in the pursuit of peace and non-violence to achieve its mission to restore Constitutional compliance within the peoples government. Peace, cooperation and the pursuit of non-violence was the first policy enacted by the USPCA and will always remain our first priority. Offensive action is never acceptable nor tolerated. Rules of engagement remain limited to the use of defensive actions which will be part of all soldiers and operational members orientation.

Non qualified citizens include however, not limited to (definition):

[1]-If the USPCA disqualified individuals based strictly upon minor infractions and violations, every United States citizen would likely be disqualified. Hence, a vetting system to determine the scope of any violations must be used to determine and separate those officials that pose the greatest threat based on the seriousness of the violation (s), repetitiveness and negative impact effecting the people and/or the Republic Of the United States.

[2]-The promotion of any political party, individual candidate or incumbent, is an opinion based issue unrelated to the purpose a student is required to or otherwise seeks an education.

[3]-As above a political ideology is a belief and is opinion based and further, not the purpose for which a student is required to or otherwise seeks an education.

The people of the USPCA can not recognize any person, persons or entity, policy and/or law that may be considered a threat while in the performance of their duties to protect the United States Constitution. The background of all people and those who have beliefs and/or support an ideology that conflicts with the United States Constitution are inherently disqualified.