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Hello and thank you for stopping by the “people’s place”, home of the United States People’s Constitutional Army. We are aggressively recruiting and seeking more and more patriotic American Citizens to join in their duty to protect their Constitution and Republic. The United State is in very serious danger entering a transitional social change contrary to the Constitution and the principles of individual freedoms our Republic was founded on. This “progressive” change is not new, but has seen a rapid escalation over the past 20 years moving at incredible speeds transforming American law and culture into kayos at the expense of American traditions, freedoms and founding principles. This is very real and sides have been drawn, this country is in real danger of losing what so many died to bring us and so many more to protect and preserve for us. It’s our turn to take it back from those that wish to “fundamentally” change America, from those that tell us our rights are not absolute and march through our street burning our flag . Criminal politicians that don't follow the laws they legislate and those that support them seeking  to over-throw our constitutional and replace it with a Euro-social model, must be held accountable for the criminals they are and enemies of our Republic. Not all enemies attack in open sight, some do it from within creating unlawful laws in the name of political correctness and to generate votes from a dependent and obedient citizenry

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There are two basic groups of domestic enemies that exist within the United States. The first and most obvious is the group of political opponents within our own government who pursue legislation and programs that are contradictory to the powers and principles embodied in the Constitution. These are the individuals who either refuse to acknowledge the Constitution at all, or speak praises about its importance in public, but in private act in a manner that contradicts its restraint. These enemies are not just those in power, however. Domestic enemies of the Constitution likewise include all those who support political officers who themselves are enemies of the Constitution. Anybody united or otherwise, who rallies around any such a banner (or plasters the bumper sticker on their car) shows through word (support) and deed (vote) what side of the field they are on. They, too, must be opposed, and exposed for the enemies of the Constitution that they are and the threat they pose to over-throw the United States Constitution and the Republic for which it represents.

Progressive liberalism (former democratic party), Liberals, Socialist and any ideology united or otherwise, empirically observed as contrary to the founding principles, laws and Constitution of the U.S. Republic all share the same ideological beliefs of governance that is against or otherwise contrary to the United States Constitution and as such, those mentioned parties, entities and individuals are all considered domestic enemies.

The United States Republic is, has and will continue to be under attack within by political criminals supported by rogue citizens and special groups of ideological interests contrary to and in violation to the United States Constitution. Social governance, legislation and affiliation is in direct conflict with the sovereign Constitutional foundation the United States Republic was founded upon. Our Republic's Constitution is being re-written right under our noses taking over our Nations laws and the governance under those laws.

 Elected and appointed officials have failed to honor their oath and have become self-servant career politicians profiting millions from the people and failing to honor and protect our nations infrastructure of laws and Constitutional governance. We the *just people own this Nation, it's Government and it will be We The People That will take it back. The fact that we as a Nation who has sacrificed so much blood and treasure to keep our freedoms have allowed the filth of government enslavement  to be entered into the minds of our children and of an ignorant people in the guise of good, is a fault that we all must burden. Socialism is and always will be the number one enemy of a free people.

A revolutionary action to stop the take-over and replacement of the United States Constitution is past and the expectation, duty and obligation of all *just U.S. citizens to protect our Nations Constitution and the Republic it represents must be answered to abolish the domestic enemy within our own boarders. socialism can not be allowed to deepen its roots in our Republic. The freedom of generations is at stake and only we the people who created the greatest nation this world has ever know, are the only one's that can save it from the dark days of a government controlled state.