When our Constitution was first established, it was assumed that the description of specific powers granted to the government would leave no doubt as to what the government could and could not do, and that the absence of powers over the rights of the people would leave those rights protected. But Jefferson and others were wary of leaving such important matters up to inference. They insisted on a Bill of Rights that would state in unmistakable terms those rights of the people that must be left inviolate.

It is these words among others within the foundation of the United States Constitution Bill Of Rights, that etch the absolute expectation of inalienable rights of United States Citizens in stone.

To suggest otherwise, bares malice, or a dangerous level of ignorance.

California is a rogue state administered  by lawless ideologues ignorant and devoid Constitutional values and any policy or law that might conflict with their radical ideological values and further,  supported by a citizenry that reflects the same.

Below reflect evidential and empirical violations.

Options to remedy these crimes are severely limited and unreasonably restrained and/or unachievable as a result of political self immunization and the inability to petition and be heard by an impartial court of law. In the absence of  law enforcement and oath honoring government officials, a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the people, the United States Republic and  the United States Constitution exists.

      The USPCA is not:

An attempt to define, label or disseminate the USPCA as an entity of terror or has committed an act of terror in any language, will be deemed a threat and danger to the people providing cause for the USPCA to act on any such attempt appropriately and as deemed necessary.

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