Important Announcement:

Re: California

Date: 2 February 2017

To: All Constitutional and law compliant California citizens

It has been determined that a number of California elected and/or appointed city, county and state officials have acted alone in their own capacity and/or as a collective of other elected and/or appointed officials as so mentioned above, in a willful and knowing manor to violate United States Federal Law, California State Law, The United States Constitution and in doing so, has created a clear threat to the stability of the State governance and a clear danger to the people of the state of California.

At present, the USPCA is contacting California law enforcement officials  to advise them of the actions taking place in the order as listed below.

  1. A letter will be sent to California state Governor Jerry Brown requesting the peaceful surrender of his elected office on the grounds of criminal violations as so mentioned above.
  2. A copy of this letter will be sent to the office of the California state Attorney General, the California state Senate Sergeant At Arms, The California State Police (AKA: The California Highway Patrol) and to all County Sheriff’s office’s. In addition, the letter will be fully posted on this web-sight for local and city law enforcement officials.

For security purposes, no other information will be disseminated at this time, the dissemination of information will be conducted 72 hours prior to any action by the USPCA.

At this time, the USPCA is “active” and requesting all Constitutional and law compliant California citizens to register as citizen soldiers in the USPCA, California Regiment. Click here for more

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