Restore Law, Order And Constitutional Compliance To The State Of California

California has “progressively” become a rogue State instituting its own laws and regulations in direct conflict with the laws of the United States and the boundaries of the United States Constitution. California’s “super majority” of Social Progressive Liberals have taken upon themselves to force compliance to their form of social governance without the pen of the people and in violation to the United States Constitution. The use of legislative powers to create unlawful and infringing laws as well as to punish those who disagree, is a tool used widely baring no bounds on reach and scope. These criminal Government officials are supported by an ever growing citizenry of those looking for legalization of radical and alternative social practices as well as government provisions of cradle to grave care. The cause of this contrary belief in the American system of Governance is due in many parts to self servant agendas, historical ignorance, institutional indoctrination and social pressures of inclusion. Many experts in social and mass-media believe that the fundamental principles of individual freedoms is a burden to these citizens and as a result, they seek acceptance and support through social channels trading self dependence for Government and social dependence. However, this is just one ill that has generated a sector of citizens to form an alliance with the powerful GLBT community and the incredible mass of Mexican citizens unlawfully breeching American boarders seeking California’s protection from Federal authorities as well as housing, healthcare, food clothing and of course services and a free education for their children. The argument that unlawful Mexican citizens provide financial benefits and even the cost of their presence, is not only false but a narrative that is believed by millions of California residents as a result of and perhaps the greatest Anti-American entity, the media who has been highly successful at protecting and defending this social movement.

The Good News:

This social movement is inherently illegal in that; it cannot even exist without violating the United States Constitution, The BoR and both State and Federal laws. With this knowledge, we are left with these facts:

The law, the United States Constitution and the expectant duty of American citizens to protect the United States and its Constitution are all on the side of Constitutionally compliant law abiding citizens. We the people, the just people have not just the lawful right to restore our State, but the expectation to do so.

This unlawful social movement is more than just breaking a few laws to satisfy the wants of a rogue State and its noncompliant citizens, it is an act of war through the acts of Government tyranny supported by a violent citizenry united to change the American Constitution to comply with their social ideology.

A “Citizens Constitutional Action” has never been fully executed. Although this action is 100% legal in the name of the people and supported by the Constitution, there will be those Constitutionally deemed  as enemies that will do all in their power to defame and criminalize the people and their duty to protect and restore Constitutional law and order.

May this be known:

We the people are faced with a domestic enemy in which we have a duty to dispel in the protection and preservation of our Country and the Constitution it represents. We do not wish to engage in any unnecessary actions in the process of our expectant duty to protect our Country. However, it must also be understood that we the people will do all that is necessary as those before us to ensure our soil is free from any threat foreign or domestic.

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